They were all yelling at each other, and all of them had in their hands a smart phone of various brands.  With eyes cast down and thumbs and fingers flying across tiny keyboards, they were voicing disjointed jabs at each other for nasty comments each had made about the others.

On Twitter.

So I put an end to the squabbling and then created an account for myself.  I couldn’t figure out why in the world such a seemingly innocuous outlet of social media would cause such a ruckus in my home.

And then I knew.  There it was, in print, and published for the whole world to see.  All the little nitpicks and jabs they’d been throwing at each other, sent via Tweets to the world through cyber-space.  My little darlings had been using Twitter as their own personal diaries, expressing every thought that had ever gone through each of their young minds.  As instantly as the thought had begun to take form, their fingers were already sliding and dancing to put it down before it had a chance to be forgotten.

I also saw bits and pieces of conversations I’d had with them condensed into byte sized portions and posted as Tweets.  Some of them were a little embarrassing.  I screamed so as to ensure no mistake from anyone in the house, loudly enough that I’m fairly certain my neighbors thought it directed at them, “NO MORE TWITTER!”

And then as instantly as I’d screamed it, I was reading it.

I thought I’d clearly expressed to their understanding that Twitter is a public forum, much like any other, and that expressing every thought publicly might not be such a good idea.  I had apparently failed.

A few hours later I read a tweet from one of them that said simply, “smh @ what I just heard.”

So I innocently asked, “What’d you hear, Honey?”

Apparently I’m the sole humanoid on this planet who’s not allowed to read her tweets, because her agitated response was, “Oh my GAWD, Mom, can’t I have ANY privacy?!”

As she stomped up the stairs, I began hearing repetitive notification sounds that someone I followed on Twitter was tweeting away.  I’ll bet you can guess who it was, and what it was about.


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