A DMV Atrocity

I just voluntarily participated in my own subjection to gender discrimination.  I went to the DMV for a duplicate license.

Maybe it’s my own fault for having misplaced mine.  But if I hadn’t misplaced it and needed a new one, I would have only delayed the inevitable.  The new law says that WV has to be in compliance by the end of 2017.  It requires every woman to document every change in her name.  Marriage, divorce, adoption…..

I guess it would apply to men as well, but unless you’re a man who voluntarily took your bride’s maiden name at marriage, you will never be subjected to this form of legal harassment and discrimination.  You will not have to trek down to the courthouse and pay for duplicate documentation that you will then have to transport to the DMV to show a complete stranger.

Which begs the question: If a gentleman does decide to bear his wife’s ‘surname’, which I’m told does happen, would he then have a Messer’s name instead of a Maiden one?  And would his new ‘surname’ be instead a ‘her-name’?

As it turns out I am an excellent record keeper.  I kept my first marriage license.  And when we divorced, I placed my divorce decree in the same folder.  In a separate folder are the records for both the marriage and divorce to and from my second husband.  The third folder, so far, holds only a marriage license.  It rests comfortably beside the other two.

I won’t ponder that question just yet.  I’m still contemplating that whole ‘her-name’ issue.



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5 responses to “A DMV Atrocity

  1. They keep this chit up, women will just keep their maiden name when they get married. The same gender discrimination is going on with voter ID’s. I believe this is a deliberate attempt to decrease the number of women at the voting polls, since the requirements being implemented came from Republicans. More women vote Democrat than Republican. This was posted in the National Review suggesting a repeal of the 19th Amendment. Quote:

    “And women’s suffrage . . . well, let’s just observe that without it Barack Obama could never have become president.”

  2. Oh.My.Goodness. I had a similar incident a few months ago! When I originally transferred from Indiana to Georgia, I didn’t need a marriage certificate. To get a renewal of that very license, I needed it.
    To make matters worse, some bitty in the box next to mine had the audacity to pipe in, “I’ve been married for twenty years and I have the marriage certificate to prove it!” Apparently, she took me for a harlot who only pretended to be who I am.
    I don’t know what woman messed this up for every married woman in the US, but I don’t like her.

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