The School Lies

There exists a news report about a threat made to the principal at George Washington high school in Charleston WV.  I just read it on line from a local news’ website.  Apparently some juvenile thought it would be funny to get on Face Book and talk about what he’d like to do to the guy.  As a result, the whole school was in turmoil all day.

I didn’t find out about it until much later.  My daughter, a student there, called me to inform about the presence of policemen everywhere and that the principal was walking around in a bullet proof vest.

Concerned, and not sure if this was just an out of hand rumor, I called the school. I was told that it was indeed just a rumor and that nothing was going on. Several minutes later, I received word that the classes were on lock-down.

I called the school again, and for the second time I was told that nothing was happening, there were no extra police on campus, and no one was walking around in Kevlar. I was laughed at for being gullible.  It was even suggested to me that I should address this very serious allegation with my daughter. The person who suggested it was the on-duty ‘regular’ cop at the school while he denied all knowledge of what was happening.  I felt foolish for having started to buy in to what my daughter was telling me.

Fifteen minutes later, I got an automated call from the school board telling me, and hundreds of other parents that had signed up for the notifications, that there had been a threat made yesterday on Face Book toward the principal, that additional security had been called in, and that additional precautions had been taken while an investigation was conducted.

So what sort of issues would they like me to address with my daughter? How to tell the truth?



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2 responses to “The School Lies

  1. Sterling

    You should send this to the Chas Gazzette & the Huffington Post.

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