I’m Sorry – But My Blog Has a Heckler


It was a blast from my past to see the email notifications and what they said.  The name had been changed, but there was no mistaking this person’s identity.

The reasons we don’t speak anymore are not important, at least not to anyone who might be reading my posts.  Suffice it to know that it was my decision, for the benefit of my family and our sanity, to cut all ties.  So I did.

That was five years ago.

I found WordPress about three and a half weeks ago.  She found me today.

I was so excited with the opportunity to share my stories with people who might enjoy them, and even more excited to just have a place to put them whether anybody enjoyed them or not.  They’re my stories, my memories, my life.  And I write them for me.  If you enjoy them, then I write them for you, too.

And in my life there’s always another shoe that drops on the heels of every bit of good news I’ve ever had.  I guess it’s Nature’s way of evening the score.

I had hoped that my blog post today would be about a new job opportunity that I was afforded.  I found out about it only a few hours ago when I checked my mail.  I was mentally composing the blog post on my way home and throughout the course of various errands along the way.  In my excitement about the new job, and the pending post, I almost forgot to put gas in the car, and I did completely forget the Doritos my youngest asked me to bring home.

The other shoe fell when I got home to discover the emails from WordPress that the heckler had been trying to post comments on all my blog posts before I could get here.  In fact, the email notifications are still coming.  Fortunately, I had figured out the security settings when I registered for WordPress, or maybe it was only accidental – I’m not so technically brilliant.  Regardless, her comments require my approval.  I am choosing to click ‘spam’ for the same reasons that I am no longer able to speak to her.  Hopefully, you will never see them.

Spamabuse.net defines spam as “flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it.”

I choose not to receive it.  It’s not worthy of my time, or my energy, and it will serve no good purpose to endure it.

I was hoping that WordPress would be my outlet.  Now I’m not so sure.  If this person is contacting those who liked my posts and decided to follow me, then it’s intrusive, overbearing, and creates way more negativity than I can bear.  And I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience she may be causing at this very moment or at any moment in the future to anyone from WordPress who might be associated with me.

Please watch for her and disregard if you can.  She has registered under the name “Little Sister”.  And yes, she was mine.





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7 responses to “I’m Sorry – But My Blog Has a Heckler

  1. I understand totally. I have often wondered who reads me, and what kind of harassment might ensue if I didn’t approve my comments as well. I hope my severed ties never let me know they’ve found me.

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