Burst Bubbles

Our oldest granddaughter just turned five.  Her mother, my oldest daughter, planned a birthday party for the next weekend at the local “pizza with prizes and a dancing guy in a mouse suit” place.  Our granddaughter insisted that it would be only then, during her party, that she would turn five.  Until then she remained four.

Sweet, isn’t it?  I’d like to tell people that I won’t be 45 until I’m good and ready, and if somebody promises me they’ll bake a cake and order a pizza in 15 years, well, then I’ll be 45 at that point and not a day before.  But for us, things just aren’t that simple.

I got to spend the morning with her before she took off for the day with her mom.  Looking at my little treasure reminds me so much of her mom at that age and they look so very much alike.  Watching her grow is sort of like having my grown daughter be little again.

I guess I’m just feeling the effects of age and long moments of nostalgia.  My granddaughter breaks up those moments with welcome bouts of hilarity.

For instance, she has spent the whole week learning how to blow a bubble with bubble gum.  We’ve watched and giggled as a wad of gum went flying across the room on one occasion and spittle ran down her little chin during another.  We strained with her as her arms splayed backward with chin jutting out as though she could just will the bubble to form.

And then it paid off.  She blew her first bubble.  Oh, the high fives that went around the room that day!

She’s having a little trouble though.  She’s convinced that some bubble gums just don’t work and have to be replaced with a new one.  She’s decided, too, that each bubble gum is only good for one bubble, after which it breaks.  My daughter cautioned her about wasting the gum, telling her that she shouldn’t throw out perfectly good bubble gum just moments after she’s popped it into her mouth.

Deciding that she shouldn’t just throw the most recent ‘dud’ away, and knowing she wouldn’t get another until she’d disposed of it without ‘wasting’ it, she attempted to entice me with it.

“Granny, do you want this gum?  I’ve already got it started for you.”





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