Dressed for Work

It finally dawned on me that my new job starts a week from Monday, and I had next to nothing to wear.  (For those of you who might be following along, I discussed the new job in my post entitled “An Employment Do-Over”.

Sure, for the work floor, I had a uniform.  Several copies of the same one, in fact.  It served me well against the dirt and grime and grease of working the mail in the back, and was easily dusted off to go open the window, if necessary, to face the public.  I didn’t work the window a lot, but I worked it some.

Every day I get up and put on a postal t-shirt and cover it with a postal button up shirt.  Every day.  And they’re all blue.  Granted, I never have to fuss about what I’m going to wear.  The down side is that I’m always wearing the same thing. I ordered them with my uniform allowance, but since the women’s sizes don’t go all the way up to Giraffe, I had to order from the men’s section.  Again.

So here I am about to start a new office job, which will require a different me to emerge from my closet every morning.  No, really.  Different every day as opposed to the same every day.  Now how am I going to accomplish this?

If you’ve read my previous post entitled “Department Store Reject”, then you understand my dilemma.  I think I did a pretty good job of explaining it.  The long and short of it, so to speak, is that I’m just too friggin’ tall.  It’s a good thing my husband’s six feet six or we’d look awfully silly walking anywhere together.

My journey for feminine clothes began again last week when I found out I was selected for the new job.  I got on the internet in search of some tall sizes in women’s tops.  Every manufacturer ever established knows that some women need longer lengths in pants, but for some reason none of them understand that those same women are tall all over and also require a longer length in tops.

I finally found a department store’s site that offered tall sizes.  There wasn’t much of a selection, so I ordered four blouses.  I received them today.

Two of those have to be returned.  I’ll bet you can guess why.

I also went to an actual brick and mortar store locally.  There I found eight tops that I thought might work.  I tried them all on.

I brought four home with me.

I only like one of them.

Insert dramatic sigh here………..


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