Some Things Just Don’t Change

I’m rapidly becoming one of those people who will only write on weekends, competing for your attention with hundreds of others who only write on weekends.

It’s not the only thing for which I’ll be competing with the masses.  I can also be found in a crowd of people at the grocery store, travelling en masse on the highways, and waiting in incredibly long lines at red lights and checkout counters.

I am a day-shifter now; a cubicle dweller, a mid-day coffee-drinker, a prime-time television watcher, and a weekend laundry do-er.

But some things just don’t change.

Like coffee grounds when the filter doubles in on itself because it was too big for the machine.

Or the quilt that just won’t get dry in the middle, because no matter how you stuff it in the dryer, the middle always winds up in the middle.

And the sock you find one whole day after you threw the other one away because no matter how hard you tried, or how long you held on to it, you just couldn’t find its mate.




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3 responses to “Some Things Just Don’t Change

  1. *sigh* Life is like that.
    Do you find yourself settling into your new schedule?

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