Things We Noticed Today:

  1. Five Guys Burgers was operated today with four chicks and a dude;
  2. Weed-eaters, whether gas powered or electric, require attachments (just like a vacuum cleaner);
    1. One such available attachment is a leaf blower;
  3. One can opt to pay three hundred dollars for a table-top round fan with three settings;
    1. The one that came home with me was only sixteen dollars;
  4. You can tell a movie is about to be over at about the same time your butt starts going numb in the theater seating;
  5. The large bag of popcorn that offers free refills never gets refilled;
  6. Iron Man III was good, but not as good as the Avengers;
  7. Saturday evening traffic starts to suck around 6:00.

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