An Oddity of No Concern Whatsoever

It was cold yesterday, with drizzle and ice and a little snow.  There was no need to go out and be some place, so mostly we just huddled in front of the television all day, interrupted only by an occasional bout of laundry and, at one point, a couple of omelets.  Sometime later in the afternoon, Husband made sure we had pizza.  It was one of those days where we did almost nothing productive.

We spent several hours, in fact, being entertained by the Sci-Fi channel.  There was some TVLand and Food Network mixed in, but mostly it was Sci-Fi.  As I am wont to do, especially when I start getting bored, my mind started to drift.  I began making some comparisons and mental leaps that revolved around all the shows about outer space I’d seen.

Or at least those I could remember I had seen.

The similarities were astounding.  In all the planets we have visited in our Sci-Fi shows and movies, most of the time there are humanoids who sort of look like us, talk like us, even eat and drink and are sometimes merry.  Except for those times where there are only creatures, but even in those, they just inhabit one of us and then we’re right back to my theory that we’re all relatively similar.

The method of travel employed by these otherworldly individuals is also heavy with similarities.  In all these shows, regardless of planetary destination, the inhabitants will have some form of air travel, space travel, ground travel or hovercraft.  Sometimes their transport is teleport.  In one show it’s a Police Box that travels through space and time, and, of course, it’s bigger on the inside.

Sometimes the teleport is a tele-pad, and sometimes it’s just a hole in a wall.

Star Trek used a floor tile with a light bulb underneath to get members of Starfleet both on and off the Enterprise.  The folks at SG1 walked through a wall of water housed in an elaborate metal ring to get them from one planet to another, whereupon they always met a race of people with whom they could easily communicate.

But there’s one glaring difference between us and them in all the shows I’ve seen except for Doctor Who.  And let’s face it; Doctor Who spent most of his episodes on Earth in one era or another, so it’s not that strange that the show would employ here a method of travel we don’t see there.  A form of travel that must be indigenous to Earth if science fiction has ruled out the possibility of it on any other planet we might visit.

Which prompted me in my series of boredom-prompted daydreams yesterday to ask the question: Where are the boats?





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