Crisis? In WV? Um – No.

I think that being raised by mostly unemployed working class folks who survived the Great Depression, and hearing their stories of a very deprived youth, is what keeps me from being more upset about this so-called water crisis.  I think I don’t view it as a crisis at all.  To be a crisis, there’d have to be no water.

If all I knew was tap water, and if I believed that it was truly the source of all water, maybe I’d be a little more nervous.  But it’s not.  There’s a creek over the hill from almost everybody’s home and it does rain periodically.

If I lived in the desert lands, or the middle of flat lands, in any other state, I might be more concerned.  West Virginia has all sorts of mountains, and from those mountains run streams of relatively clean water.  That water is untouched by the river water until it runs into the river that may or may not be contaminated as bad as they say.  As kids we would play in it, fish in it, and swim in it.  My grandparents said it was how they bathed, washed, cooked, and laundered.

And how about all those folks who live along the river upstream from the chemical seepage?  If ever there’s a DO NOT USE order on tap water, West Virginia is the very place to be.

Precautions have to be taken now that probably wouldn’t have had to be taken back in the grandparents’ day.  You never really know for certain what’s going on upstream that might affect it.  So once collected, it would still have to be strained a couple times through cloth and then boiled before it was used for anything.  But this precautionary process would definitely make it potable.

All I would have to do to make it just like city water is add chemicals and compounds that are known to be harmful and yet are used anyway, like bleach and fluoride.

The toxicity numbers for this particular chemical are coming back pretty good.  We are at or under 1ppm (part per million) at every test site so far.  The test sites are branching farther and farther out from ground zero.

Or at least that’s what we’re being told.

I’ve been good.  I’ve played along.  I said I would be good and play, but my play ends tonight when I flush out our water lines.  I will accept 1ppm on this thing and Monday morning I will take a shower like a civilized person and go to work.  However, I will still use bottled water for coffee and Kool-Aid.  I think it a sensible and responsible thing to do.  Bathing in something and ingesting something are two very different things.

But then I don’t usually drink tap water anyway.  It’s the chlorine and toothpaste combo that gets me.  And I can cook a lot of things with chicken broth instead of water.

For now, during my placate mode, we did catch some rainwater, and there is a creek over the hill.  I know what to do to make it usable, and so therefore I’m not scared.

Crisis?  No.  Not by any reasonable measure that could be employed here.  This is merely an inconvenience here

If this had happened in Nevada or Arizona?  Okay, then yes.  I’d call it a crisis.




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6 responses to “Crisis? In WV? Um – No.

  1. All good points. I’d still hate it, and expect a sizable reduction on my water bill to boot!

    • The water company, who holds the least amount of blame for this, has done the absolute most for its affected customers. They’ve even promised us a thousand gallon credit on our next bill to compensate, even though it wasn’t their fault. Their president, Jeff McIntyre, has wonderfully represented them and us. It’ll all be over soon but I think I’ll use bottled water for coffee for quite a while yet.

      • Oh that is wonderful!
        I feel so badly for people who are without work, and people who are home with small children. I finally caught an article on this last night. Still surprised nothing’s been on the nightly news.

  2. I can tell you DON”T live here!!!!!!

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