_ancing _ummies an_ Other Wor_s

I was absolutely an_ utterly _ismaye_ the other _ay when I sat _own to write a post an_ _iscovere_ that my _ was missing.  It _i_; it just fell right off the laptop an_ skittere_ across the floor.

I foun_ it, picke_ it up, an_ trie_ to replace it on the laptop’s keyboar_.  No luck.  I trie_ to glue it.  Also no luck.  Leaving it sit there, unattache_, as a place hol_er, just felt weir_.

I wante_ a new laptop, but who has that kin_ of money just sitting aroun_ the house un-earmarke_ for something, right?  So after some serious consi_eration an_ contemplation, I trucke_ my happy butt _own to the nearest Ra_io Shack, where I bought myself an external keyboar_.  It’s one of those that plugs in with a USB cable.

I was trying to explain to the guy that as a writer, I nee_ my ‘_’.  He _i_n’t care if I like to write.  It was obvious in his expression, the way his eyes glaze_ over, an_ in his suggestion that I just not use it.

I tol_ him I’_ alrea_y trie_ that an_ it _i_n’t work.

Ten _ollars.

But now I can write.





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2 responses to “_ancing _ummies an_ Other Wor_s

  1. 🙂
    We do not have that kinda money lyin around the house, either. We are sharing my laptop until the GI Bill kicks in. Sharing is better than the lack of D.

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