Dearly Departed

Laptop’s dead. It will soon join it’s missing letter ‘D’ in the afterlife.  The new keyboard for it will be shelved for use another time, in another place, perhaps to fix a problem with some other laptop’s eventual missing letter.

The funeral service is scheduled for 10:00 Sunday morning. As I type this out on my phone I am mourning the loss of my dear friend. We’ve told a lot of stories together and I miss the companionship.

Hopefully by Sunday afternoon I will have a new friend to replace the dead one.

Don’t judge the ease with which this transition will be made. I will shed a tear of respect, wipe it away, and promptly move forward. Take joy in my resilience and fret not the loss, for it is solely mine to bear. 



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4 responses to “Dearly Departed

  1. Aww… I wish your laptop all the best when it finally reaches techno heaven. Perhaps its missing key will be there waiting and they can be happily reunited to write once more…

  2. As the owner of a small laptop cemetery, (in my coffee table) I empathize with you. My condolences.

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