I Have a Question….

Why do public restrooms always have stall doors that open inward?  Does this frustrate you as much as it does me?  Do I just get angry because I’m a large woman and have very little room to begin with?  Or am I angry because it was very insensitive, and quite the cruel joke, to have a door open inward toward a toilet that you now have to straddle in order to get inside enough to push the damned thing closed?

Are you, like me, tired of airport bathrooms, trying to lug a purse, a carry-on, and a laptop bag into a tiny stall, maneuver everything behind the door, and then try to close it without spilling the contents of any of them into the bowl behind you?  What about those door hooks?  Do you also worry about putting out an eye, or is that just me?

Do you, like me, skip all the smaller stalls and head straight for the handicap one where you know you’ll have almost enough room for you and all your stuff?  Will you wait until the handicap stall is free, bypassing all the empty stalls in order to get the one you want?

Once inside and door securely closed, have you then wondered what to do with all your stuff?  Did you read that report, like I did, about the bottoms of so many purses swabbed and tested, all showing the results of various diseases?  Would you want to set yours down on a restroom floor in a public place routinely visited by people you’ve never met?

And how about those really low sinks?  Have you ever come out of a restroom stall with all your stuff hanging off both shoulders and draped across one arm only to lose it all when you bent over to wash your hands?

Have you ever opened a stall door and it was so narrow inside that the door smacked the toilet?  Have you ever been presented with a fine piece of porcelain upon which you had to sit sideways because it was wedged too tightly between the walls?

Or is it just me?





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7 responses to “I Have a Question….

  1. I’m short, and lemme tell ya, I have all the same troubles. Especially with the bag on my arm and the low sink. Yours are probably much more dramatic swoops! And how about taking two babies into the tiny stall with the door that opens inward? These are some serious first world troubles!

    • I hear ya!! I’ve been tempted to reverse some hinges. I actually appreciate the back of the door hooks, but they’re usually set too high. I either worry that I’ll poke out an eye or someone on the other side will reach over and snag my purse from it.

      • I’m just glad for the hooks, mostly, because I don’t like to set my belongings on the floor, which is so often DISGUSTING!
        I do believe there was a crime wave re: purse snatchers and restroom doors, so you’re right to worry!

  2. Jenny

    OMG you bring up what all of us suffer with at times!!! Thank you and know that I am with you all the way. . . . . .

  3. tina simpson

    i always loop my purse strap a couple of times around the hook so if they grab it they wont get anywhere fast…not that anyone has tried

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