Lucky Charms

I’ve always considered myself to be quite lucky.  I’m the lady who takes twenty bucks to a casino and walks out three hours later with anywhere between fifteen and fifty dollars in my pocket.  That may not sound like a lot, but when you factor in everyone who lost big money that very same day, I’d say I was the one on top.  Right next to the big winner, who probably just went back the next day and blew it all anyway.

Husband says that the quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.  In my case, the twenty dollars I’m willing to lose is a small price for three hours’ entertainment.

I used to find quarters in pay phones before the druggies started putting their needles in there, scaring everybody away from the little silver flap hiding the coin return, way back when there used to be pay phones everywhere.  I used to find whole dollars in the bottom of the plastic ball pit at fast food places when I’d jump in with my toddlers after their Happy Meal.  I can take a walk and find a five dollar bill on the creek bank.  I once found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot of Big Bear, an old grocery store my grandmother liked to frequent.

A friend at work was telling me about all the four-leaf clovers she’s been finding lately.  It makes me wonder what other good things are in store for her.

I’ve noticed that the luck in my life has usually happened in curves.  Not sharp dips and swings from one end of the luck spectrum to the other, but a generally steady run of even good fortune with small curves either to the left or right of it.  Usually when the curve away from the center of good fortune occurs, I can count on the sway of the next curve to take me to something wonderful before I glide back to the center again. 

Sometimes good things and bad things happen concurrently, making me wonder which side of the middle I’m on, or if maybe my general run of prosperity just suddenly widened out a little to encompass both sides of things.

It gets interesting.

One thing that’s always remained fairly well is my health.  Aside from an occasional cold I’ve been okay.  I did have to have a hysterectomy at 39, but my first grandchild was born just a few months later.  Usually, every curve to the left in my world is balanced by a sway to the right, after which I seem to land right back in the middle.

I’m expecting something wonderful to happen.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m anxiously awaiting it.  I’m experiencing a current curve to the left a little, and I can’t wait for the situation to be rectified.

I’ve put off having a tooth pulled for a couple of years now.  Fortunately for me, I was able to just avoid that tooth by chewing on the other side.  And I’m busy, so I kept putting off the inevitable.  This past Wednesday I broke a tooth on the good side. 

My dental appointment is next Wednesday.

The lady told me she could get me in on Thursday.  But I had an interview at work on Friday for a possible promotion, and I didn’t want to risk something happening that might cause me to be out on Friday and miss it.  So I opted for an appointment next week instead.

Husband went to the store and bought all sorts of stuff, like gelatin and pudding snacks.  He also picked up broth, soup, and baby food. 

If it’s been while since you had any, pulverized carrots are pretty good if you’re hungry.  My favorite is the mixed fruit, but the banana isn’t bad either.

I think the interview went well, but I won’t know anything until the end of next week at the earliest.  I’m competing with three other very skilled and talented people, so if you’re in to that sort of thing, cross a couple fingers for me.

In the meantime, I’m on my third day of protein shakes and near liquid food. 

The irony is that I’m still the one doing the dishes.

Hopefully, when I look back at this curve to the left, I’ll be able to pinpoint what the sway to the right looked like.  Surely the Universe wouldn’t let me put off much needed dental work, and consume baby food for an entire week, for no larger plan than the loss of a few pounds.

Whatever happens, though, I know I’ll be okay.  I will, after all, end up back in the middle where life is good – a place where there are cheeseburgers, tortilla chips, and eggrolls.

And popcorn.



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8 responses to “Lucky Charms

  1. Kimberley

    “I’m expecting something wonderful to happen. I don’t know what it is, but I’m anxiously awaiting it.” This statement. It’s perfect. If we could all just live with the expectation of something wonderful is about to happen. Big or small. Wouldn’t the world be an amazing place? Thanks Kat!

  2. Sending positive thoughts your way with the job promotion and hope you get to feeling better.

    “The irony is that I’m still the one doing the dishes.”

    *shakes head* 😉


  3. Kim

    I love you Kat….and these great blogs. You know that you are smarter than the average bear:)

  4. I find my life rolls in a similar pattern. I once listened to a sermon about how life is a series of trains, and one of the metaphors was that seldom are our wheels on both tracks, sliding along smoothly, but rather that one side or the other is askew at times. For instance, right now, most everything is good, but my oldest daughter is troubling me/us and it’s the one thing casting a shadow on sheer happiness. But if it wasn’t that, it would be something else, you know?
    I rarely find money, and I don’t enjoy gambling, but my materialistic sorta luck exists in what’s been given to me. If I were to list the expensive, special things that have been given to me, I would be red as a beet with embarrassment. It’s a little overwhelming, but truly, a blessing.
    I gotta go to a dentist, too. I waited too long for my last crown, and now I’m guessing I’ll need it pulled or extracted or whatever. Man, I hate that, LOL!

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